About OnscreenInterpreters

We offer an innovative solution with real-time interaction between individuals. HD video conferences provide companies, governments, and other organizations an easy to use and affordable tool to overcome distance and language barriers. In turn, our customers avoid or reduce the need for international business trips. This cuts expenses and hassles in dealing with current/prospective clients or overseas distributors/agents who are unable to speak the same language.

Our highly screened, reliable and qualified interpreters share our passion for communication and serving people with innovation and excellence. The internet has changed how the world communicates. Onscreeninterpreters reinvents how the world uses language interpretation.

Meet Our Team

Maximo is at the helm but also steps down when necessary to mend the sails.

Communications Manager

Guadalupe Aráoz

Communicating innovation is not easy, but Guadalupe makes it an art and a passion.

Operations Manager

Jennifer Kehoe

Key liaison between Technology Management and Human Resources

Recruiting Coordinator

Jane Hayman

Jane cares deeply about the most strategic asset of the organization: our highly-skilled people.

Marketing Manager

Victoria Miles

Communicating innovation is not exactly easy stuff. Not to mention to foreign cultures. However Victoria rocks it.

Arabic Interpreters - Interpretation

“The internet has changed how the world communicates. Onscreeninterpreters reshapes how the world uses language interpretation.”

Máximo Palomares, Founding Partner
CEO & Founder

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