Language interpreting services through HD web videoconferences provide a low cost solution for a quality, user-friendly service to overcome language barriers

Who We Are

Our Argentinian based company started with the initiative of a team of entrepreneurs from different countries, formerly related to mining and energy companies. We realized how necessary it was to obtain remote oral translation services at the faraway facilities of the companies we worked for, where it was not possible to hire on site language interpreters.

Available languages

English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic and Russian.

Why Choose Us

Reduce costs and stress of unnecessary business trips.
Increase international trade opportunities.
Real time interaction: show and explain products virtually.

Get Started

After contacting us and notifying us about the topics to be interpreted, users will be sent an informative e-mail with instructions and a password to enter the conference room at the scheduled date and time.
Once you enter the virtual conference room, our language interpreting session works exactly as in on-site interpretation, but in a virtual mode through webcams.
The assigned oral translator will brief you about how to speak, conference rules and a cross-cultural overview if necessary.
Our linguists operate with consecutive interpretation, meaning they wait until the speaker expresses a complete sentence or paragraph conveying and idea or a divisible part of it, and only then translate it to the listener.
Web-conference timespan begins to run after the oral translator has briefed attendees on how to use the service.
You will be informed when your session is coming to an end, allowing time for final conclusions.
Onscreeninterpreters™ does not provide webconference interpretation on short notice; however, we could concede to place a videoconference interpreter within the term of an hour or two. We recommend this option only for simple conversations where no technical or specific jargon is essential.
You are able to show manufactured items or machinery, review products or verify their quality.
Users will be able to give explanations or describe details about them, interpreted by our operators on the spot.
We strongly recommend good room lighting in these cases.
OnScreenInterpreters Advantages

Besides reducing business travel, the following are some advantages of video remote interpreting.

Crisp and clear HD audio in your headsets. Far better conversation environment than noisy hotel lounges, trade shows, business roundtables, etc

Some product samples simply cannot be sent overseas. Show big machinery or factory premises on real time.

Built audience. Invite your staff to join virtual business meetings on watch only mode. No need to provide them with further information regarding how the negotiation developed.

Free Trial

Signing up for our free trial session implies no commitment regarding future services or any payment to Onscreeninterpreters™
We do not rerquire any credit card information.

Get Started Now

The purpose of our free trial is to offer our prospective customers the possibility to experiment our service in exactly the same way as in a real situation.

You will have to choose the person with whom the web-conference will be held. If you cannot find that person a member of our staff can perform as your contact at target language.

A feedback email will likely be sent asking you about product satisfaction or any difficulties encountered.

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