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What are the technical requirements?

A minimum broadband internet connection of 10MB download and 1MB upload, as well as an updated operating system are required. A wifi connection is not advisable due to possible connectivity issues. Before accepting your payment, we require a speed test to ensure there will be no technical issues during your important meeting.

How do I contract Onscreenintepreters?

Please Contact Us and specify the length of the interpreting conference, the languages involved, as well as the date and time of your scheduled meeting. We will then send you the link for the speed test to ensure both parties of the conference meet the technical requirements.

What is the length of a typical interpreting session?

We offer two session lengths: Long (50 min) and Medium (30 min).

How do I submit my payment?

After we determine both parties in the meeting have met the technical requirements, all payments are processed in advance through PayPal, which accepts most credit cards and offers peace of mind with secure online transactions.

What is the price per session?

The cost is calculated based on the length of each session. Discounts are available for multiple calls. The total cost is provided once we receive your request.

What are the reimbursement policies?

In the rare case Onscreeninterpreters experiences technical difficulties which prohibit your meeting from taking place, we will offer the option to schedule a new session or provide a refund of your payment.

Does Onscreeninterpreters offer translation services?

Translation of text is performed by translators, whereas our interpreters offer real-time, consecutive interpretation. Each discipline requires specific training. Interpreting is ideal to support live conversation and interactions which takes place in meetings.

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Who We Are

“Onscreeninterpeters was born through the initiative of a team of entrepreneurs from different countries. Due to our background in the mining and energy industries, we realized the importance of using remote interpretation services to connect with facilities in locations where it was not possible to hire on-site language interpreters.”

Máximo Palomares, Founding Partner

Besides reducing business travel, the following are some advantages of remote video interpreting:

Crisp and clear HD audio, which results in a far better conversation environment than noisy hotel lounges, trade shows, business roundtables, etc.

Some product samples simply cannot be sent overseas. Show big machinery or factory premises in real time.

Invite your team to join the virtual business meeting on watch only mode. This helps keep everyone in the loop and avoids the need for updates after your call.

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Global Language Coverage

Available languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic and Russian.

English 98%
German 82%
French 93%
Spanish 74%
Online Interpreters and translators
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We offer an innovative solution with real-time interaction between individuals. Our highly screened, reliable and qualified interpreters share our passion for communication and for serving people with innovation and excellence.

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