We realized how necessary it was to obtain remote oral translation services at the faraway facilities of the companies we worked for, where it was not possible to hire on site language interpreters.
This is how we decided to combine language interpretation and internet technology to offer an innovative service where images came into play, providing a real interaction between individuals.
We offer language-interpreting services through HD web videoconferences providing an easy to use and affordable tool to overcome cross border language and distance barriers.
Videoconferencing provides companies, governments and other organizations the possibility to avoid or reduce overseas trip's expenses and hassles.
Our customers then are able to interact live with current or prospective clients, overseas distributors or agents unable to speak the same language.
Our interpreters exhibit the most reliable and long-lasting qualification: they are naturals and experts at the same time.
And they share it with our management team: passion for communication, innovation and excellence, passion for serving people.
Internet has changed the world and the life of millions; Onscreeninterpreters‘“ is now changing language interpretation...

Our People

Maximo Palomares Founding Partner He supervises on a daily basis that Onscreeninterpreters vision and mission are running fully aligned. And believe it or not, that means a lot of work and not a figurehead at all. Because first and foremost, Maximo is just another member of the crew: behind the wheel but also stepping down to mend sails when necessary. Linkedin
Jennifer Kehoe Operations Manager Jenny is the one keeping the ball rolling from dawn to dusk, a multitasker by nature and almost insanely perfectionist. She is the key liaison between technology management and Human Resources. Onscreeninterpreters is an innovative company reaching out to the world, and that keeps her always on the move. Linkedin
Jane Hayman Recruiting Coordinator Our innovative product does not involve tech development but it is mainly about a human capital endeavor. Hence, Jane cares deeply about the most strategic asset of the organization: our selected as well as particularly skilled people. Without her, Onscreeninterpreters would not be what we always strived for: not simply a company team, but essentially a group of friends. Linkedin
Carolina Samayoa Market Development Onscreeninterpreters is all about international business. Carolina education and expertise led her in the past to become involved in many international trade negotiations. She dealt with asian as well as european companies and was a frequent attendant to international trade shows. She's got the right blend of know how and know why our clients need. Bechause she's been around... Linkedin

"Internet has changed the world and the life of millions;
Onscreeninterpreters™ is now changing language interpretation".