Frequently Asked Questions

You do require a good level of broadband Internet connection as well as updated software (operating system, memory) and hardware (processor, webcam). Wifi connectivity is not advisable due to interferences. Before receiving any payment a technical test will be programmed to ensure viability of our services.

You must contact us specifying the timespan of the interpreting conference you require, the language needed to be interpreted, and the date and time previously agreed by both attendees.

We offer two service options: Long (50 min) and Medium (30 min) at different prices with exactly the same features.

You must pay in advance using Pay Pal, which accepts most credit cards.

It depends on the interpreting session's length and other factors. We offer discounts for numerous sessions and for advanced booking. You will be informed when contacting us.

Onscreeninterpreters is not a payment channel. You will be entering data into Pay Pal, which offers the highest online transactions safety standards.

Yes, there are. In case our service cannot be delivered due to technical drawbacks Onscreeninterpreters™ may face, your money will be refunded or a new session will be rescheduled, at your will.

The specific training our interpreters receive would be affected by translating texts verbatim. Each discipline require opposite practices.

Our interpreters work under confidentiality agreement and our videoconference provider offers advanced encrypting options. However, we consider World Wide Web or any other telecommunications media not to be absolutely safe so far. That is why we advise our clients not to exchange highly confidential information during sessions.